Without Workforce Management your call center is working harder, less efficiently, and paying more to do it.

About Green Workforce Management Solutions

Green Workforce Management Solutions offers a software suite designed for call centers by workforce management professionals who understand call center operations. Green’s staff is comprised of workforce management professionals with over 100 years of combined industry experience and a broad knowledge of the call center industry. We are committed to engineering the most cost effective software available that meets the needs of our customers through affordable and feature rich workforce management.

Green’s solutions extends tangible benefits left unmatched by other workforce management solution providers in both cost and functionality. The EmPulse call center technology was built from the ground up as a powerful and full featured solution that would always be financially accessible for all size call centers, not only the very large corporation. EmPulse was also designed as a resource efficient solution. This makes EmPulse the most powerful workforce management solution of this decade. EmPulse offers a cost effective and flexible pricing structure and is the most efficiently deployed software available. The complete WFM solution can be fully deployed in days – NOT weeks – NOT months! Customers can be secure in their investment now and well into the future due to full software scalability.

Green will continue to expand and grow EmPulse workforce management solutions and offer only the very best solutions to our customers. Find out about EmPulse and what Green can do for your call center! To learn more about Green Workforce Management Solutions or to schedule an EmPulse product demonstration call us today at 888-834-0007 or email info@greenwfms.com.