Without Workforce Management your call center is working harder, less efficiently, and paying more to do it.

Agent Desktop

Give your agents the ability to instantly see and manage their own data. Access to their own data can empower the agent and can free up management’s time. When you think how important it is to keep agents and management both happy, that can be achieved by giving them a simple thing such as access to their own contact information and schedules. And since call center performance is dependent on its agents this is a little step in the right direction to achieving performance excellence. It is communicating with agents and uniting them that is just as essential as communicating with customers. Keeping agents updated is easy with EmPulse. The agent desktop provides the agent with a password protected area to view their most current contact information and their schedules. An agent can review their contact information for accuracy and ensure that it is kept current. For example, a newly married agent may need to initiate a name change. Once schedules are created the day-to-day access is always available and up to date for the agents and management time has been utilized more efficiently.