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Vacation Scheduling

Vacation and Events Planning enables you to easily manage and track the administrative tasks of agent entitlement to paid or unpaid time off such as vacation, holidays, sick time or special events like meetings or training. Administering these tasks in a manual setting is a difficult and time consuming management process.

In a rules based environment, the criteria and guidelines are developed that drives all agent requests for time off based upon paid and unpaid policy that is set by the you. These rules would also include corporate mandates for meetings and any other special events such as continuing training. EmPulse Vacation and Event Planning module automates the time off event processing in a rules based environment giving management full control even in very complicated environments.

The benefits to management are that they can quickly implement an entitlement program for multi-layered time off criteria and easily provide this information to their agents. Agents can access consistent and clear rules based information about their time off entitlement giving them a new level of control.

A final point of benefit is that this all integrates into the scheduling and Agent Desktopfeatures of EmPulse.