Without Workforce Management your call center is working harder, less efficiently, and paying more to do it.


In the dynamic call center environment, no management trait is more important than flexibility. And no challenge is more critical than having the right people and the right number of people on the phone at the right time. How well you succeed affects both service quality and the bottom line.

Balancing resources against anticipated call volume demands reliable forecasting. An important function of a robust workforce management solution is the accuracy of the call data and workload forecast, combined with the flexibility to process data complied from multiple data streams such as the phone, web chat or email. Historical call and workload data used to calculate the forecast is collected regularly. The amount of historical data is important for a longer range forecast and always used in day to day operations. Various events can impact the way the normal data is calculated or how much importance it should be given. EmPulse allows the user to weigh the workload data based on events, seasonality or special circumstances to create the most accurate final schedule. The more accurate the forecast, the more accurate the schedule.

Since call center dynamics change and the workload can vary it is necessary to collect and process data as it changes and understand the impact those changes will have. EmPulse allows the user to weigh the importance of call and workload data when it is used for forecasting.