Without Workforce Management your call center is working harder, less efficiently, and paying more to do it.


EmPulse workforce management is designed to use both historical call data and current call data that is automatically captured from the ACD in an inbound call center. In the blended, inbound and outbound call center, it also collects historical data from the auto dialer better known as a predictive dialer. In a blended inbound and outbound call center environment the auto dialer outbound historical data is unique and must be processed as such to produce not only accurate forecasting but also more accurate outbound schedules.

EmPulse is the only workforce management solution that processes the pacing parameters. Pacing parameters of an outbound call is out of the scope of other workforce management solutions. The processing algorithms also use the inherent minimum staffing requirements of the auto dialer, the right party AHT and wrong party AHT in its calculations. This uniqueoutbound data handling sets EmPulse apart. With proper processing of the outboundhistorical call data the blended call center can produce schedules that are more accurate. More accurate schedules equate to improvement in right party connects, reduction in wrong party connects and overall completion ratios.