Without Workforce Management your call center is working harder, less efficiently, and paying more to do it.

Be There When Customers Call

Coordination of all call center activity is the only way to ensure that a call center is properly staffed and agents are available to keep up with customer demand. By broad definition this is workforce management.

EmPulse from Green is powerful workforce management for call centers that provides a software platform to accurately plan daily activity and optimize how people work and do so more effectively. It is workforce planning that embodies the complexities of combined real-time events, historical data and forecasted workload to optimize business response and call center performance.

EmPulse software helps call centers better manage their people and business and does so by making workforce management easy – and it starts with installation and training. It has eliminated the overhead generally associated with workforce management installation that normally took weeks and sometimes months for complete deployment. EmPulse has set a new standard. It is software designed for easy and quick installation and training and efficiently installs in hours, not days — not weeks – not months. This offers significant time and cost savings to people and business respectively.