Without Workforce Management your call center is working harder, less efficiently, and paying more to do it.

The Time Off Manager

In a workplace with many employees to manage it is hard to imagine any manual system that can keep up with employee’s time off such as holidays, vacation, sick days or meeting schedules. If done manually it might takes days to prepare schedules in a dynamic environment. Ultimately, the only way to manage time off is through automating the process.

EmPulse Time Off Manager starts by building a detailed model of the business operations by collecting and storing a comprehensive collection of historical data. Now call centers can use this historical data together with the Time Off Manager to completely manage all the customer defined variables and rules based management for Vacation Time Off, Holidays, Business Meetings or other time off events.

With Agent Desktop working with the Time Off Manager, agents now have more control over viewing and selecting time off by viewing their calendars on their desktops. To schedule a demo to see the power of EmPulse and Time Off Manager.